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Fall Carnival

Thank you for joining us for our Carnival!

We would love to stay connected with you and put you in the runnings for our giveaways! Take a minute to fill out the form bellow and make sure you go to the "Welcome Table" and get your ticket to be entered for all giveaways!

Giveaway Entry Form:

Carnival 4x6 2023.png
Additional Household Members Are:
I Would Like To Receive More Information

Thank you for filling out the Giveaway Entry Form! We want to remind you that not only are we giving away prizes tonight, but also on Sunday Morning! Anyone who fills out a form tonight, Friday Oct, 27th, is automatically entered to win our giveaways on Sunday morning as well! A special service will be held for children 0-12 at 10am Sunday Morning, during the worship service! Make sure you stop by the Welcome Table and pick up your ticket for all giveaways!

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